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The Natural Choice

"Always In Good Taste...naturally." Our fine food service is  introducing a USDA approved high quality, preservative-free and Natural specialty pre-cooked gourmet foods from Gourmet Boutique. Natural choice in offering  customers the absolute finest foods available. Gourmet Boutique is state of art production facilities make us uniquely capable of providing the best service and superior Home Meal Foods to social events, cafeterias, supermarkets and gourmet food specialty stores throughout the tri state. Each of our colorful eye appealing entrees and side dishes  are produced just 24 hours before Delivery and are  never frozen.  HACCP approved production technique yields shelf lives of 14-21 days without  the use of any preservatives.

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. Our 6 & 5 lb. trays are hand packed and garnish and can be easily placed in display bowls in the deli case or on your party platters.

. Our Pre Pack  individual meals range from 8oz. to 12oz. packs and provide you and your customer with numerous mouth watering entrees and side dish choices. 

Outsource For Maximum Profits

Maximize your profitability by outsourcing your needs with Star's Gourmet,  save on labor costs and employee hassles, eliminate product handling and safety concerns. 

Fresh, Natural, Healthy

Gourmet Boutique uses nothing frozen or artificial, Our food is the freshest possible when you receive it since it is manufactured within 24 hours of free delivery . 

Our grilled chickens and turkey burgers are all naturals with No antibiotics, No growth hormones, No animal by products.  




SeaSnax is Strangely Addictive!  The Healthy Alternative to Chips

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SeaSnax(Classic or Toasty Onion) Price $60.00/ Case Qty/case16 each $3.75



Always in Good Taste...Naturally
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