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                                     Macro Vegetarian


                 All Natural 100% Vegan



It's  delicious and it taste homemade !

  Macro Vegetarian's food tastes so good because it's made from the kind of real food    ingredients  that people  use in their own  kitchen ... no additives, no preservative, no GMOs. if you can't pronounce it, you won't find it on a Macro  Vegetarian label. The cooking methods are like those used at home or in fine restaurants. For dumplings, fresh ingredients are steamed instead of being fried or boiled. Many items are shaped by hand.

    It's made From mostly organic ingredients.

Most of our vegetables and grains are grown organically, The way nature intended foods to grow, without the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals. This benefits the growers  the consumers and the environment.

    Everything is Vegan .

No meat, fish, cheese, poultry or eggs are used in any product. You'll never get bored. We have a large selection of meals; you will find quickly prepared food items from dumplings, sushi rolls, salads and spreads, you will also find complete meals like Macro Bento Box and Malaysian artichoke Noodles many more.


                    Spinach Artichoke Noodle                                                

                    Vegan Dumpling

                    Malaysian Artichoke Noodle

                    Bento Box

                    Sushi Roll

                    Tokyo Buckwheat Soba

                    Pad Thai

                    Udon Noodles

                    Yuba Pocket




Always in Good Taste...Naturally
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